UX is the Key

  • Created: Jan/20/2022

Does this photo attract you? Do you find it intriguing? A website experience is just like that. At first glance it should be able to attract you, make you think, want to explore more and leave a long-lasting impression. An internet consumer in today’s world is smart, savvy, quick turner and living in the moment. Finding answers via search engines is no longer the prime requirement. The online experience that one has, makes a huge difference in customer retention to oneself.

A critical part of that experience is the ease with which they can find, access, review or buy products and services. For businesses wanting to attract and convert that interest into revenue, user experience (UX) is crucial to their success and in many cases survival.

UX is similar to going inside a boxed cube; layer by layer, the interaction of each entity supported by various levels of digital data. Now this can be as boring as dealing with various kinds of codes and as interesting as being boomed inside a high paced video game. Good UX employs a combination of art and science while using the many rules that have been developed after studying user behaviours during the testing process. It digs deeper into whether an individual page or piece of content will satisfy the needs of a user. It determines how a brand speaks to its customers and delivers the message it is trying to convey, effectively.

Well-crafted digital copy that is optimized for search engines is a key ingredient to a good user experience. Not only will this help your web page to rank well for relevant search terms on Google, but SEO friendly copy will also give the consumer an informative answer to the question in an instant. This will ultimately result in conversions rather than website abandonment.

The rise of visual searching

Visual searching is just starting to be huge in today’s time. Taking an example of augmented reality app iScape that serves to enhance the real-world experience and to immerse the user into that enhanced world. This is taking UX to a very different level with its set of user interaction using visual and voice search rather just searching on Google search engine.

As AR transforms how we work, learn, play, shop and connect with the world around us, user experience will change drastically in times to come. To keep up with the pace of this fast moving world and to continue retaining consumers, user experience will be a big Key factor.

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